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Assistant Chief, Michael Geissler has been employed at STFD#3 for over fifteen years. In February 2021, Assistant Chief (AC) Geissler, then Captain Geissler, continued to work as a Captain while substituting as the Assistant Chief, due to a long-term hiatus by the former Assistant Chief.

On February 01, 2021, Asst. Chief Geissler advanced into the role of Probationary Assistant Chief following the retirement of the former Asst. Chief, Scott Lober. Asst. Chief Geissler successfully completed the fire department and Civil Service requirements for the position of Asst. Chief.

On July 21, 2022, AC Geissler complete an official six-month Probationary Period, in addition to the previous year where he worked in a substitute capacity as Asst. Chief. AC Geissler has performed with excellence in his new position.

In his short time as an Asst. Chief, AC Geissler has improved the department's technology, to include: Online scheduling, digital/paperless staffing records and departmental forms, weather monitoring, and lowering communications expenses for the department. Additionally, AC Geissler was introduced to grant writing and was able to secure a $30,000.00 grant by the Fire House Subs Corporation for new battery-powered extrication equipment.

AC Geissler is professional, performs with an excellent work ethic and a high level of self-motivation, and maintains a good employee rapport to succeed in the Assistant Chief's position. AC Geissler continues to work well with the Fire Chief to advance the department and serve others.

Assistant Chief Geissler has worked closely with the Fire Chief in the past year and a half. AC Geissler's performance has been excellent and consistent, performing on an autonomous level with positive results.

Asst. Chief Geissler will continue to work in his newly-appointed position following his recent Civil Service confirmation to serve the department and the community. The Fire Chief shall continue to work with and mentor Asst. Chief Geissler to endure his success.

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