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EMS/Fire calls

Recently, our Paramedics & EMTs responded to a CPR call of an elderly patient. The medics were able to obtain a return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) on the patient and transport to the hospital for further advanced care. We hope & pray that the patient will / has recover(ed). Kudos to the skills & knowledge of our medical team members.

The STFD3 medics run over 1,000 medical calls per year in Lacombe. Fire Departments around the country commonly run more EMS calls than fire calls. This says a lot for fire prevention technology, education and awareness.

What about the medical side? We all must consider better health and safety practices in our daily lives to reduce these medical call numbers. Please keep your doctor visits and practice safety. If you need any assistance with safety questions, please call our department 882-5977 or drop by one of our fire stations.

If you do not have smoke/ heat detectors in your home and live within the boundaries of Fire District 3, please call us for free installation. We can provide these detectors to your home for your safety.

Visit our admin building at 27690 Main St. to sign up for smoke detectors & installation. Stay safe! Stay healthy.

Patrick F. Sicard

Fire Chief

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